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Senior & Elderly Abuse

Senior and Elderly Abuse has been on the rise. There have been many under-reported and unreported cases all over United States.


As per recent statistics, by 2030, the U.S. population that is 65 or older will be nearly 72,000,000 SENIORS.  


Recent research estimates actual annual losses at more than $36BILLION.


According to the Journal of the American Medical Association:


           Exploitation is often traced to family members, trusted professionals, friends,                    caregivers and many more.....


           Victims, because of their incapcity, inability, are unable and unwilling to implicate              their trusted family members, friends, even professionals as their perpetrators


Senior abuse can take several different forms: physical, sexual, psychological, exploitation (material or financial) neglect, or even self-neglect.


Nursing homes, long term care facilities, assisted living facilities are not immune to the atrocities committed against seniors and even by trusted care givers.”


Most States have and run facilities for elders and seniors. Even these are not above the elements of committing abuses against their so called protected seniors.


How we can help?


            We offer one (1) hour free consultation under “strictly private confidentiality” to hear out victims concerns, problem, narratives, incidents and even their sufferings.


            We offer Investigative services in financial, and non-financial matters for the victims and their families who have suffered financial losses under “TRUST”.


            We also conduct Asset searches, missing money, and securities, investigate in falsification of financial records, statements and many more….   


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