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Business Consultancy.
At Management Concepts Facilitators, we believe Businesses / Professions and even Non-profits that do not manage risks properly not only become less profitable but are likely face costly consequences. We work closely with these organizations to optimize their performance in Gross margins streamline their operations while eliminating risks one by one and moving forward.

Our mission is to sense those risks, warn those businesses / professions about them well in advance mitigate them, and neutralize the ones we miss as soon as possible.

The bottom line is to increase value and profitability of your business /profession under guidelines of generally accepted principles of governance and compliance based upon discipline and collaborative ethics.

We also offer Business Infrastructure Analysis, Business Support Programs for small and medium enterprises, not-for-profit organizations and to franchised businesses.

Forensic and Investigative Accounting


Financial disputes in divorce cases, asset tracking and recovery, criminal fraud, minority shareholder disputes, breach of fiduciary duties, vendors and subcontractors excess payments and return credit verifications, franchisee / franchisor disputes, royalty, franchise fee fraud allegations from franchisors requiring forensic accounting  investigations.


Investigations into fraud, embezzlement, malfeasance, and asset misappropriations.


Employee embezzlement, corporate malfeasance, Ponzi schemes, MLM audits, senior citizen abuses, ghost workers and their excess pay roll verifications, money laundering investigations, detection, prevention and continuous education to middle management and to the  top management. Bribery, cash misappropriations, accountants' malpractice, padding of travel and entertainment expenses reports etc.
Investigations into matters relating to Corruption, Bribery, and money laundering under FCPA/UK Bribery Act,  legislations and OECD guidelines etc. La Ley Federal Anticorrupción en Contractaciones Públicas de México, Compliance services, due diligence and investigations, third party payment investigations & verifications, facilitation payment investigations, investigations into conflict of interest, review of internal controls and their continuous monitoring at local levels of subsidiaries, branches, distributors, agents, joint venture partners etc.,

Our services are tailored to your needs never forgetting that this is your enterprise, and that your needs, concerns, challenges, transformations and problems must be addressed in a way that works best for you.


Create a value to your product and / or service  to day and every day.

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