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Our commitment to YOU.
Our goal is to listen ro you and learn about your current, future plans, concerns, anxieties and problems.

We offer you a complimentary two-hour chat. At this meeting we will discuss your visions, strategic plans, goals and how advantageously you are placed in this competitive global economy. After these meetings it is very unusual to find that we cannot help you.

Business Infrastructure Analysis:

A three page, 100 question checklist covering your business infrastructure will be given to you to be filled in and returned to us. This analysis is for those business owners or chief operating officers and other decision makers who are committed to improve their business. This analysis is about you and your Business. The final results of this Business Infrastructure Analysis will be crafted on a radar chart showing clearly where your business is now, as against where you want your business to be.

Business Support Program (BSP)

The BSP is an open-ended agreement that puts a senior advisor in your office on a regular schedule to work directly with your business management team to enact the solutions needed as well as addressing additional issues as they arise. The BSP also provides for 24/7 phone advice at no additional cost.

Subash Murray is an Accredited Associate from the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). (Learn more about the IIB at Accredited Associates are dedicated to delivering practical advice and support to Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Franchisees. Our practical advice always works.

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