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Subash Murray, Founder and President of MCF

Subash has an excellent track record spanning over 35 years in Business Process Management at international level; pioneering in GovernanceCompliance and Risk awareness that includes Forensic & Investigative Accounting, and Financial Crimes Investigations such as Fraud, Embezzlement, Malfeasance, and Asset misappropriations .

Calling this wealth of knowledge, Subash offers his clients tremendous value based services.

  • Over 30 years of consulting in Enterprise Resource Planning. He is recognized for exceptional problem solving with skills in avoiding insolvency, bankruptcy and implementing reconstruction, reorganizations across multiple cultural barriers.
  • He has over 35 years of accounting and auditing experience (Chartered Accountant), specializing in Forensic & Investigative Accounting and forensic auditing with major international firms.
  • Subash is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Florida State Licensed Private Investigator.
  • He is a business Owner / Consultant in over two decades specialized in industrial maintenance in South America and Caribbean serving major basic industries: petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas (upstream and mid-stream), pharmaceutical, electricity, mining, pulp & paper, shipping, textile, food & beverage and other industries in general.
  • His education, knowledge and experience in industrial maintenance businesses three (3) in all, over two and half decades include marketing products and offering after sales services in: Repairing, Renovating, Reconstruction of Machinery & Equiopment, Building and Structures, Leak sealing in High pressure and high temperature environments.
  • Using his Forensic and Fraud investigation knowledge and experience Subash Murray had successfully implemented compliance programs in relation to processes involved in approvals from Governments, Customs clearances, product introductions in marketing and sales campaigns etc. in the above industries where there were issues under FCPA of USA, UK Bribery Act, Ley de Anti-Corrupción de México and other local legislations.
  • He is bi-lingual, fluent in both English and Spanish with extensive international experience including Europe, U.K., South America and the Caribbean over governance, compliance and risk awareness. His mission is to sense these risks and warn businesses, even non-profits, well in advance and offer suitable help, advice as well as mentor on strategic business insights.
  • He offers courses in risk check-up to top management and risk assessment analysis to employees and middle management and Fraud Risk Assessment in general.

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