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At Management Concepts Facilitators, we believe businesses / professions including non-profits that do not manage risks properly not only become less profitable but are likely face costly consequences.
Our mission is to sense those risks, warn businesses about them well in advance, mitigate them, and neutralize the ones we miss as soon as possible.


The bottom line is to increase value and profitability to your business/profession and even to non-profits under guidelines of generally accepted principles of governance and compliance based upon discipline and collaborative ethics.


FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act


The U.S Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of (1977) prohibits U.S companies whether they are public, private, for-profit or citizens, foreign individuals residing or visiting or acting in the United States , from corruptly paying or offering to pay, directly or indirectly, money or anything of value to a foreign official to obtain or retain business. FCPA is a business issue. Not a legal issue.


Briefly, FCPA has three main provisions:


Anti-bribery: Main elements are, Anything of Value, Foreign Official, Obtain or Retain Business, Third Party Payment Provisions, and Exceptions and Affirmative Defenses.


Books and Records and Internal Control Provisions: Even though, this provision is aimed and applied at only to Issuers (Public Companies), the enforcement agencies routinely hold companies and individuals liable for false or fraudulent entries in any book or record that is ultimately consolidated for financial reporting purposes.


Fines and Penalties: FCPA violations can result in significant fines and penalties. A company can be criminally fined up to $2 million per violation of the Anti-bribery provisions and culpable individuals can be subject to a criminal fine up to $250,000 per violation as well as imprisonment for up to five years.     


We offer Third Party Risk Management services, Continuous Monitoring and Training on Books and Records and Internal Control Provisions at local levels (outside USA) and many more. Please contact us for a detailed discussion, analyses and how we can be help to you in complying with FCPA and avoid Fines, Penalties and even incarcerations.


We request you to read thru all our brochures relating to FCPA attached on this website.


(Disclaimer: We are not attorneys. Nothing in these brochures or on this page are to be construed as legal advice.)             


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