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We differentiate ourselves from the rest of the crowd. i.e. Financial Accountants, Financial Auditors etc. We investigate and look beyond Books, Records and Transactions including non-financial documentary and other evidence with boots on the ground.


We specialize in:


  • Investigation, Detection, Deterrence and Prevention of Fraud, Embezzlement, Malfeasance and Asset misappropriations,


Our Forensic and Investigate Accounting Services also cover:


  • Investigations into Accounting Errors, Irregularities of Non-intentional nature.            (Intentional errors to hide and alter Data, Documents, Records and supporting        evidence for personal gain could amount to Fraud)
  • Investigations into internal control deficiencies of financial and non financial transactions including their Records and Documents.
  • Investigations into non compliance of established companies’ policies and procedures particularly in relation to Travel and Entertainment expenses.
  • We can resolve issues where mistakes and errors were made while trying to resolve problems and disputes arising out of usage and blindly following accounting and other administrative software as opposed to physical verification and application analyses, techniques and following established policies and procedures.
  • Royalty, Income sharing audits, Claims and non-compliance of agreements independently and with unfettered interference.
  • Investigations into Franchisor/Franchisee Disputes over non-compliance over FDD and other agreements,
  • Compliance and Third Party/Supply chain Pre-Audits, 360º Due Diligence under FCPA/UKBA and OECD guidelines.
  • Litigation Support including pretrial investigations, People locate and Record search and Background investigations.
  • Express witness services in calculating, explaining Discrepancies, disputed transactions, investigation of Records of illegal and unrecorded transactions and activities,
  • Investigations into hidden Assets/Liabilities and workings of Earnings, Profits and / or losses of Spouses and their businesses in Divorce matters and/or litigations.


By nature, our Forensic & Investigative Accounting work is Specific, Non Recurring and could even be termed as adversarial. Our goal is to find facts based on the principle WHAT IS RIGHT instead of WHO IS RIGHT.


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