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Management Concepts Facilitators (MCF) is a business consultancy firm, applying a business perspective focusing on compliance needs of clients. We make it our first priority to know the context in which you do business - your market, your competitors, and your industry not forgetting your compliance needs wherever you are conducting business in this global economy.

As Business Consultancy firm, we offer specialized services in conducting Due Diligence with particular reference to pre, during and post-Merger and Acquisitions, Compliance, Investigations and Risk Awareness. These include Forensic & Investigative Accounting, Fraud examinations, Fraud auditing, third party risk assessment and management under FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of USA), UK Bribery Act, La Ley Federal Anticorrupción en Contractaciones Públicas de México  and other investigative services. All our services are hands-on.

Our Due Diligence services are based upon reviewing Policies, Proportional procedures, Risk Assessment, Training and continuous monitoring of internal controls of financial and non-financial and ensuring Top-level commitment with boots on the ground.

Our Consultancy with value based hands-on services compliment and go beyond to those of internal, external audit work and data bases. It not only includes KYC (Know Your Customer), KYE (Know Your Employee) but most importantly KTP (Know Those People) you are dealing with particularly at local levels where your branches, representatives, distributors and other third parties are located.  We must stress, when we say KTP, we mean all those Share holders, Stake Holders and even UBOs (Ulimate Business Owners). We believe constant human interactions coupled with related intelligence work bring desired results.

MCF offers forward thinking, cutting edge consulting services with a new approach based upon our practical advice that always works.

We can help your company achieve its objectives with a more competitive advantage in all aspects of your management by objectives internally and externally.

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